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My Fastest Selling Painting. EVER!


Before Christmas, I visited the Carriageworks Market at Eveleigh with my friends from the Wollongong Design Studio for a shopping trip. But I was more excited to see this lovely old building being used and repurposed in this way so instead of shopping I took some photos of the rustic architecture.


The Carriageworks building is located in the old Eveleigh Rail Yards, in the up and coming precinct of Redfern.  It is the old railway carriage and blacksmith workshops with many of its original features maintained which can be seen in the iron and brick detail and adds to the nineteenth-century industrial feel.

I had a great day pottering around and who knew that my time here would reveal an unexpected surprise.

A piece of that rustic architecture particularly caught my eye. Through huge arched windows at one end of the building light streamed in and backlit the people sitting at the café.


The image had all of the components that make a good painting. Light against dark, warm against cool, light outlining dark figures, dark shadows and perspective to die for!  Seeing it on my phone made me want to rush home to paint it.


However, there was a fabulous day happening so I knew it would have to wait until I had the time. Time? That wasn’t going to happen at the busy end of the year. There were too many things to finish off and Christmas to prepare for.

Now as it happens a painting can sit in my brain to be mulled over for quite some time, even before the brushes and paints come out. Actually, most of the painting time is thinking time. And dreaming time.

For me, that time is almost as delicious as putting it onto paper or canvas. The image burns into my brain as I work out the plan. And this image was calling me every day.


The day it got painted was after the Christmas festivities were just a memory, and I had time to put it to paper.

And as expected, it just flowed onto the paper in a matter of a couple of hours.

Some days are GOLD.

An enjoyable morning’s painting brought back memories of a lovely day, and the painting worked out just as I had imagined it would.


I couldn’t wait to show everyone so posted it to Facebook.

It received a great response. And within the hour it had SOLD!

What made this painting work best is that I had felt a connection to the place when I was there. I just love old, particularly industrial, architecture of the time. It is true what they say, ”They don’t build them like that anymore.”

The building is stunning and makes me want to go and investigate others of a similar age. I will be searching for that perfect image to paint from again.

The day ended with lunch at The Grounds of Alexandra. Now there’s another place to be inspired by, but that’s another story with a painting in mind.

So, who bought the painting? Obviously, someone who loves this place as much as I do!

The Carriageworks

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