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Some days are gold

You might remember a recent blog I wrote about how I got started selling my art way back in the 90’s.

It was at a fabulous shop in Berry NSW and I had a great time selling my works there for 13 years until the shop closed and was taken over by a beauty business.

Well, guess what? While I was having a nice time perusing the stores in this lovely town I came across the old place…wow!

It is once again a beautiful shop and has been gorgeously done out by the current owner Leanne who along with homewares sells chalk paint and runs a variety of interesting workshops.

Well chatting to Leanne and reminiscing about when I used to sell there years ago Leanne mentioned that she was actually looking for an artist to hold watercolour classes.

Got to say I am over the moon to be holding a workshop there next February..right back where my art journey began all those years ago!

The shop, This Old House is at 81 Queen Street Berry. Pop in and have a look. I have a great project in mind for the workshop.

About Kathy Karas

Kathy Karas is a visual artist and teacher living and painting in New South Wales, Australia. Kathy works in a wide selection of media including oils, acrylic, watercolour and pencil drawings. Her style has evolved over the years to modern impressionist and most recently she has developed into contemporary work.

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