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A Year of Transition and New Beginnings


A year of transition and new beginnings.

That is my forecast for 2017, and that is certainly what I am doing, heading to new destinations, with a trip to Greece in the planning for September / October this year.

Now I have held a long time yearning to visit the country where my husband’s family originated from. Not only because of the stories of a life lived by the Mediterranean Sea but also as an artist, to immerse myself in the culture and sights of Greece and her islands.

I am dreaming of days filled with exploration of ancient buildings with a palette of rich yellows and burnt oranges against the brilliant blue of the sky in Athens.



The white buildings with blue domes, stone, flagged alleys and amazing Santorini sunsets. To sit at cafes where bougainvillaea drape over white walls, offering bursts of magenta on the island of Paros.

Yes, the excitement is building, and I can see myself setting up my easel in little coves to paint turquoise waters or sketching at my table while waiting for my meal of Greek delicacies. Sipping cocktails on our rooftop bar at our hotel in Athens as the evening sky is lit with the Parthenon, showing her in all her splendour.

Yes, it will be a trip of making memories while reliving the past in this ancient land, a broadening of mind and spirit that I can only imagine will be nothing short of fabulous. I will be sharing this with like minded people who will be enthralled and whether they are painters or not, will be blown away by this trip. At the end of the organised group trip, I hope to visit our family islands of Samos and Lipsos, to pay homage to those who came and settled in Australia. It has to be done, and I am glad to be finally doing it after 41 years.

So here I am about to experience another year of wonder and exciting times. I am at a comfortable stage in my art. However, the pursuit is always about what is just out of reach, as it should be. For it is the pursuit that makes us artists tick. It is always about the next painting.

Happy New Year to you all. I hope it will be as exciting for you as it will be for me.



Would you like to Travel?

If travel is on your list for 2017 and you would like to explore Greece with me on one of my Creative Trips that I organise with Travel Charm, then take a look here. Or you can contact me here or simply leave a comment below.

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