I am very grateful

I thoroughly enjoy attending Kathy's classes in both acrylic and watercolour. She has a gentle and encouraging way with her students, allowing them to grow in their painting ability and individual style. Kathy is particularly generous in her ability and willingness to share all her knowledge with regard to painting. She is also very innovative, involving her students in a broader range of art experiences such as plein air painting trips, overseas art travel and painting/relaxation retreats, all very good for the spirit. She provides her students with an extremely positive and rewarding life experience, for which I am very grateful.

- Lyn N.

Fulfilled a life-long dream

I feel so lucky to have found a wonderful teacher of painting in Kathy Karas. Kathy is an excellent teacher both in technique, innovation & encouragement. I have fulfilled a life-long dream learning to paint, but not only has the learning brought me great joy but, also, an inner peace sought by so many. I commend Kathy Karas to all who aspire to find joy and satisfaction in learning to paint.

- Diane M.

I would highly recommend an Art Retreat

As a complete novice painter, I had a lovely time at Kathy Karas' Back to Nature Painting Retreat. When I arrived at the gorgeous property, In the magnificent Kangaroo Valley, I received the warmest welcome. Our group of companionable women, whom I hadn't met before, lingered over sumptuous, healthy meals while we shared our stories. Kathy made the whole weekend relaxing, allowing participants to do whatever they needed to do for themselves. I skipped a class to have a massage followed by a much needed rest. While I struggled with watercolour for my first two days, by day 3 I was making progress with the techniques. I'd highly recommend an art retreat with Kathy and the lovely women who surround her.

- Leslee H.

Watercolour Beginners Class

Enjoyed my watercolour beginners class with Kathy. There is so much to learn.

- Christine

I am in awe of your talent

I have had the privilege of being one of your students in the acrylic class. Your patience and encouragement are amazing, and I am always in awe of your talent. Thank you so much, Kathy Karas.

- Lori N.

Acrylic & Watercolour Classes

I love attending Kathy's classes in both watercolour and acrylics. She teaches many interesting techniques, uses a variety of subject matter to suit all tastes and encourages her students to develop their individual style. Kathy is also very innovative. She has enabled plein air outings, exhibitions, weekend retreats and inspiring overseas art trips. I love the friendships I have made through art. Wouldn't miss it.

- Denise

Brilliant Teacher

Thank you, Kathy Karas, for being such a brilliant teacher and friend, you have taught me so much and bring out the best in all your students. The quality of paintings I have seen from you and your students is so impressive. It takes a wonderful teacher to bring out the best in her students, and you have that quality. I know when I go to your classes I have learnt such valuable lessons that's why I keep returning. You are also such a giving and wonderful person in the retreats you hold here at Jacks Corner Retreat, and it's a reflection on how your retreats are constantly booked out with your passion for your profession. I am so grateful for your friendship and your dedication to your art. 

- Belinda Duncombe, Jack's Corner Retreat

Thank you!

I just wanted to thank you for facilitating such a lovely weekend! I know that the reason I was there was quite different to everyone else's, but it turned out to be a very pleasant surprise, timely and I enjoyed myself very much. Thank you for so generously donating this retreat as a silent auction prize for a fundraiser at IWIB's recent luncheon. If you hadn't, I may never have had the opportunity to experience to experience such a lovely weekend enjoying the unique dynamic that comes from being in the company of women, the delicious food and the opportunity to learn a little more about myself through art, all in a glorious setting!

- Debbie G

Thank you...

Thank you Kathy for your support and knowledge of painting. I am very grateful to be a watercolour student of yours. I am in awe of your guidance and knowledge, also your willingness to share your techniques.
I myself have painted for many years and have had many teachers and you are one of the best I have had. I love your looseness and beautiful colours.
Thank you for your inspiration. I am now enjoying teaching myself but will still be attending your classes as I feel you still have a lot to offer as a fellow artist and teacher.

- Vicki L.

Your watercolour class is a joy...

Joining your watercolour class is a JOY, a challenge and inspiration. Your instruction, techniques and encouragement allow us all to see the magic happen. So happy to learn with you bless you for sharing and teaching.

- Wendy W.

It has a lovely feel

A few month's ago I bought one of your works from Kathryn at Beachside Emporium (she is the sister of a good friend of mine). I had it hung in my guest bedroom which I've called my 'blue room'. It has a lovely feel and the painting above the bed just sets the room off. And anyone that stays in that room (I get a lot of visitors) just loves it. I love it so much and it dawned on me that I could message you and send a pic! So thank you.

- Jacqueline

It brings me joy every day

I just want you to know that I bought this small painting from the Minnamurra Cafe a while ago (+ a Gerroa series of 3 other small ones) and it brings me joy every day. Its simple coral tree and what I'm imagining is the Minnamurra River is in my opinion subtle perfection and very "2533". So thank you for that.

- Nina